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Don't you get motion sick when wearing a VR headset while riding a real rollercoaster?

Not at all, as long as the synchronization works. This is because you're not only watching 3D movement, but your inner sense of balance actually feels the real movement.
See the Discoveries section for details on how such a ride is conceived. Even people who are actually afraid of rollercoasters or tend to get motion sick had no problems when riding them while wearing an Oculus Rift.

Most of all, these rides feel much more comfortable than riding an Oculus Rift coaster at home in front of your desktop.


Don't the Oculus sensors fail under such extreme g-forces?

No, it turned out that they keep working totally precise throughout the entire ride.
Even the strong magnetic field of the linear motor that accelerates the Blue Fire train to 115 km/h in 2.5 seconds did not influence the sensors (this was another concern, as the Rift is also measuring the magnetic field of the earth, pretty much like a compass).


Aren't you afraid of a headset falling off during a ride?

Actually, we noticed that on most coasters, the forces aren't strong enough to pull the Headset off. Still, we use our special custom-made chin straps that make sure the headsets stay tight.


What software framework did you use?

Unity 3D.





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